+ Services +

To cover the entire lifecycle of your vision, we can offer you a complete range of services.

Usually this starts with a consultation including an analysis of your idea, we will then develop the necessary changes (tasks) to be done to successfully formalize your idea. We will also train and instruct your staff. We will then offer ongoing maintainance, updates and new enhancements over the years to follow.

This is a general approach. In particular we offer these services:

  1. Consultation
  2. Analysis
  3. Structurization
  4. Design
    1. Software
    2. Websites
    3. Applications
    4. Soundtracks
    5. Animations
    6. Corporate Identities
    7. Customized Servers and Workstations
    8. Networking
  5. Development
    1. Software
    2. Websites
    3. Services
    4. Applications
    5. Games
  6. Realisation
  7. Installation & Verification
  8. Training
  9. Maintainance
  10. Enhancements

Projects are realised by the use of our realm of "Technologies".

+ History +

USH-IT was established in 1999 by Frank Markus Schanzenbächer after 5 years of work and study in the computer field. It is registered in Germany and has a valid international tax number.

Since then I have been connecting with companies from Germany, United Kingdom and Guyana, as well as their international branches, to build an international network of professionals to complete a big variaty of interesting projects and tasks.

We work to the tune of making "Everything is possible for you", to satisfy our clients byhelping them and their business to improve and function more efficiently and achieve their objectives by a short, direct and professional way.

Several accomplished projects in the field of Electronic Document Management System (eDMS), vector/layer based Graphics Software, Waretrading/Book Keeping/Invoicing, Automatisation, Low Level ISAPI filters for Internet Information Sevices (IIS) and embedded Software, often relying on a wide set of technologies used for development, show a track record of the spirit behind our projects.

We use the technologies available and if necessary build one from scratch, to make our clients happy.

Recently Frank Markus Schanzenbächer has devoted himself and the company further to development in the scientific and technological sectors and be leading the way to emerge with a bigger group of entrepreneurs to form a joint-venture in Georgetown / Guyana. The research includes automatisation in a number of ways.

You can find out more about our projects in the "Projects Section".


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